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I came to love the art and history of dress by studying and collecting extant clothing. Physically seeing how original garments from the past can reveal the lifestyle or even the personality traits of people sparked my interest in the creation of costume when designed for a specific character, particularly when blending history and fantasy in classic films and theater. From a young age in my native Virginia, I was interested in the mystery and lessons in people's stories from history and the mythology they take on when interpreted into entertainment. 

I'm passionate about the use of this medium to tell the story of a character to the audience using tangible, wearable art.

From my Fashion Design education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I bring training for thorough researching, designing around a concept, textiles, and building garments with a contemporary aesthetic.

Having additionally earned FIT's Costume and Wardrobe certifications and working professionally in both departments, I've learned to adapt and switch from stitching to dressing effectively.

I am a dedicated team worker and do my part to get a job done without ego as efficiently as possible for the project. 

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